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Here a just a few of the reviews from our customers. You can also find others submitted online to the GOOGLE REVIEWS web site (using the menu link near the bottom of the left column):


Pat & Thad Beyle,  Chapel Hill, NC     (919) 942-1281

"Remember the good old days when the doctor used to come to your home? You didn't have to get everything into the car and drive to the office, find a parking place, and then unload it all and take it or yourself into the office for service.

Well, Lee Pollard at Computer Therapy brings back those good old days for you and your computer needs. Have a problem? Give Lee a call or email to seek help. Sometimes it will only take a phone call to get things squared away. Other times Lee will make that house call to help get things working again.

Once you have tried him, you will become an avid consumer of Lee's services at Computer Therapy. We have and so have our kids - even one down in Ft. Lauderdale, FL who is using his services from long distance."

Pat and Thad


Linda Romano - Vice President of Marketing - (919) 933-5900

"Speaking of Success"

featuring the dynamic internationally-renowned motivational speaker


"My husband and I own our own business.  Earlier this year, my computer was hit with the dreaded Chernobyl virus, essentially wiping out everything on our main computer system.   It actually damaged our primary hard drive.

Computer Therapy acted both professionally and quite swiftly in order to put us back in business, providing a loaner hard drive while ours was being replaced under warranty;  within two days we were back up and running with our data restored, our network restored, and improved to include a network backup.

Computer Therapy now supports our home network, as well as the creation and maintenance of our web sites.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.    Some adjectives to best describe the services Computer Therapy provides – courteous, reliable and very trustworthy!!!"


Dr. Peter & Claudia Crassweller -  (919) 960-0904

"I am glad to tell other people about the wonderful and tremendous service they will be lucky enough to receive if they choose Computer Therapy for their computer needs.

I was a new computer user when I first contacted Lee about our computer -- a total novice.  I had tried unsuccessfully to create a template for some professional work my husband wanted help with for his business.  Lee was able to set up the template for the psychological test report and taught me easier ways to accomplish the final product.  He empowered me to feel more knowledgeable and competent using my computer.  Thus, the work I produce is professional in appearance and quickly done.  

We had an awful time when we had a lightening strike at our home a couple of summers ago.  Lee was able to repair the damage to our computer quickly. Another time he was able to repair the damage several viruses had inflicted on this computer.  

He has been available to "talk me through" problems I was unable to solve over the telephone.  Lee was and continues to be very patient and responsive to my needs.  He is a great teacher and problem solver.  We are really satisfied and will continue to call on him should the need arise."

Claudia Crassweller


Sharon & Charles Hamner   -   (919) 968-3639

Hamner Advisory Services

"Lee Pollard of Computer Therapy has worked with us for the past eight years. We are particularly pleased with his design of the computer system to fit our specific needs, and integrating the various components. He has a gift for explaining complex computer procedures and processes and the ability to execute them.

Lee is also quite patient and doesn't leave until we are able to implement instructions. He has a vast knowledge of computer operations and applications. An important person in our lives." 

Sharon and Charles Hamner

It will be fine for anyone to call either of us. 968-3639













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